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Last 3 Squads Tarragons   
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About Me

Age 29
Location houston, tx
Gender Female
Personal website www.myspace.com/jazl4167

Things I Like 
Books twilight, edgar allen poe, dont read much
Movies nightmare before christmas, fear and loathing in las vagas, twilight, nosferatu


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pee pee sock Dec 31, 2011

suppose to say property of pee pee sock u fukin idiot

shayde_chaos Oct 01, 2009

dont pull a audrey on me please lem

L3MU3L Sep 30, 2009

i got access to 44 nudes, holla at me

ZypheN Sep 30, 2009

You must have some sort of special talent to be able to put up with lem lol

weed master.. Sep 27, 2009

lol agreed audrey but hey, at least she makes an effort to be his friend. :)

shayde_chaos Sep 24, 2009

he begged me to be friends with him... lol nah hes cool... when he anit on the rag..

Audrey Sep 23, 2009

lol shayde, Lem's an asshole but iunno why ppl still like him (me inclued -.-)

shayde_chaos Sep 20, 2009

L3mu3l actually has friends?! Lol....

weed master.. Sep 20, 2009

oh thats fucking awesome i used to live there... i lived in wharton tx, montgomery tx, some town 20 miles east of dallas, and houston

Ohmalee Sep 20, 2009

i'm kiddin lol. me and l3m are homies.

shayde_chaos Sep 18, 2009

lol i see the hating has started... it was lems idea anyways lol

Ohmalee Sep 18, 2009

"Property of L3MU3L"?! thanks for giving me a reason to quit this game.... (¬_¬)

Audrey Sep 18, 2009

should not have done that! now lem is gonna be all proud and shit! lol

weed master.. Sep 18, 2009

Clearwater/Tampa Fl. You?

Ohmalee Sep 17, 2009

thanks for giving me a reason to play this game again. xD

weed master.. Sep 17, 2009

lol of course!! and i love your eyes!! >=0)

Kid Kaos Sep 17, 2009

Thanks for the compliment!

chars! Sep 17, 2009

shayde? girl? han?

L3MU3L Sep 17, 2009

yeah im tappin this shit

SoJa Sep 17, 2009

wt flip! more girls on subspace!

ZypheN Sep 16, 2009

Seeing this just makes me want my lip rings now lol

shayde_chaos Sep 16, 2009

thanks :D

weed master.. Sep 16, 2009

mmmmm well helllllooo!! LOVIN IT!

weed master.. Sep 15, 2009

lol thank you!! well i can't really say the same for you cause well.. i can't see ya!! but all good. how are you doin?