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Petal May 30, 2010


Missa Apr 11, 2010

Nice alias. Troll on, gallery troll.

Hustla Bebe Mar 06, 2010

you still talk so much shit but it just gets lamer and lamer

Hustla Bebe Feb 19, 2010

bud i have a 4 head sober up you drunk

Channabis Jan 13, 2010


danyell!! Jan 09, 2010

Where is YOUR pic you punk ass bitch?

JaneDoe Jan 09, 2010

leave everyone the fuck alone :S

PWND Jan 01, 2010

I 1-10ed you? What? You're way too easy.

lady starlight Dec 28, 2009

*hi5* on that spelchek comment :D

PWND Dec 27, 2009

Because you're a square. Anything beyond society's definition of "normalcy" is ugly to you. You do not have taste, I can see by the clothes, the people you hangout with, and your attitude. You are not fit to communicate with me, I'm on a whole higher level. You are nothing but a drone, clone, and suit that fits with society's taste. That's all.

FemalePersuasion Dec 24, 2009

The troll counter sits at 5 confirmed victims. Ha.

Hustla Bebe Dec 13, 2009

you know what stfu you fucking crack pot and get a life. being rude to people is no way of living. your a self centered ass hole and really need to learn some mannors. dont coment on my page anymore and fuck off you fucking goof.

Hustla Bebe Dec 10, 2009

pft yu say rude stuff bout peop0le im yur savor pfft dont crack me up

Hustla Bebe Dec 08, 2009

lol you dont even have pics ugly fuck head

danyell!! Aug 04, 2009

Seriously dude, I know that trolling twgallery chicks is "the cool thing to do." give it a break. Im sure a reallll hottie anyway. lmao. Either way, Idc if you were the hottest guy on earth, your inside will forever make you ugly. and ya know she can lose weight but you are gonna be a douchebag forever. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say anything at all... and if you wanna say something on page leave prettymadness out of it or you will be the first on my blacklist.... following would be those faggots struck and weak.

PrettyMadness Aug 01, 2009

I just want to say fuck you, because youre scum. Danyell is not fat and she is not ugly. And for that matter, Im not ugly either, fat maybe yea but you know its none of your business and you can choke on your mothers giant clit. You think that youre big and bad talking shit and you dont even have a picture? Ha. Why dont you post your acne face on here, nerd.

PWND Jul 27, 2009

youre blind lmfao

PWND Jul 25, 2009

because im obviously not lol...seriously.

PWND Jul 22, 2009

You're jealous. QQ

danyell!! Jul 15, 2009

nope. bestfriends since we were kids.

TranceTunes Jul 15, 2009

hi...i only can guess who this is =X

danyell!! Jul 10, 2009

I like how I look. =)

Tabo Jul 10, 2009

holy shit you mean nothing to me?

danyell!! Jul 06, 2009

I lost like 50 pounds last summa =)

New Jersey Jun 18, 2009