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About Me

Age 44
Location rhode island
Gender Male
Where I can be found elim
More about me 401-261-3589 for any question no matter how silly i can always go for a good laugh

Things I Like 
Songs and a AMEN!


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Spacely Aug 22, 2015

i will beat Cogs prices by 20% plus my sprockets come with training manuals

Godzero Apr 20, 2015

How much do the sprockets cost? I am considering buying cogs instead.

Spacely Feb 18, 2011

and smoke some weed bud. how often you come to RI?

Mossad Feb 18, 2011

yo i m in Stoughton, MA. lets have a beer.

Nanners Feb 18, 2011

u munchin on some dank in that pic? ur supposed 2 smoke that if nobody explained this to u lol.

Kinky-Girl Feb 16, 2011

i remember you

Spacely Jan 27, 2011

whats crackin Crackling hope its not them Marshmallows you was packin

Crackling Nov 19, 2010

G's up!! still loked out All my dawgs from the past, dead or smoked out Still tryin' to come up on a lick for a phat ass ride So I can drop the top, and parlay through the east side!!

Oat Jan 31, 2010


Spacely Jan 30, 2010

weed weed a beautiful thing the more i smoke the more i sing yaaaaaaay. hihihihhiiii with a big ch ch chia to all my elim buds and buddets. and to all the haters i love you guys to but seriously maybe you guys starting smoking pot a lil and learn to loosen up dont nobody round the web give a fuk.

FemalePersuasion Oct 05, 2009

Your comments are not becoming of your looks.

Ohmalee Jul 16, 2009

lol i didnt even delete your posts. idk wat happen to em. i guess the mods realized how shitty they were and deleted them so you wouldnt embarass yourself..not that you aren't already..

Spacely Jul 15, 2009

ohmalee i rarely play subspace so why would i look at your ugly ass everyday???? Spacely's like t0ma's evil twin but he runs the other way, rushing EZ on your ass like them skinhead who thought you was gay.......

Ohmalee Jul 12, 2009

why do you look at my pictures everyday faggot? try hitting on someone your own age.

Spacely Jul 05, 2009

say's the guy who looks like the nerdy lil black boy that use to hang around with cosby's daughter. like i said newb be more original

Ohmalee Jul 04, 2009

well give god a mulligan for fuckin' up ur face. gg. :D

SnallTrippin Jul 02, 2009


Spacely Jul 02, 2009

a mulligan is something newbs get its like a second chance. google it :P

Ohmalee Jun 28, 2009

btw wtf is a mulligan? LOLOLOL!

Ohmalee Jun 28, 2009

im back SON! you been talkin alot of shit while i was gone. unless you're as much of a pussy as you look pm me and we can duel. i'll 10-0 you anyday "Mr. 10 yr old vet". lolol

Spacely Jun 24, 2009

O'malee you little irish mulligan. looking for freinds around here and your ass be struggilin. so you decide to crack on some vets, but round here that gets you no respect. you got to hang in the trench and work on becoming a man, then maybe one day you will finally start to understand.

Ohmalee Jun 22, 2009

Guy thinks hes pro cuz Goddess the Whale is desperate enough to say hes sexy. LMFAO!

Ohmalee Jun 22, 2009

Space> whats next you gonna call me gay or virgin. Lol, you're pretty good at pointed out what you really are. and you say im not original for calling you a ugly nerd? but you did the same exact thing to me. nice job hypocrite.

Spacely Jun 22, 2009

ohmalee a ugly nerd?? is that the best you can do?? your a newb and still using played out cracks. i always thought a black boy could be more original then that. whats next you gonna call me gay or virgin, talk about my mom and tell me what she been jerking? hanging with asians your jus a nerdy nigero and the brothers got no love to show. bend over so i can stick it in your ass my little hoe

Ward Jun 22, 2009

look at his third pic.. guy's got Down's

Ohmalee Jun 20, 2009

omfg! just what i expected. and ugly nerd..

Goddess Jun 20, 2009

k nm he cut it :(

Goddess Jun 20, 2009

I dont think he cut it i think its in a pony tail :D <3 Spacely

Tabo Jun 20, 2009

omg you cut your hair! Looks great.

Spacely Jun 16, 2009

pwnd i only ran from t0ma cause he was trying to get me to date you ~_~

PWND Jun 16, 2009

you ran from toma cause you suck.

papist Jun 16, 2009

you look better shaved.

Goddess Jun 16, 2009

u so sexy :D

L3MU3L Jun 16, 2009

cummon, u can do a better t0ma pic than that son

Spacely Jun 16, 2009

pwnd the only thing you own is my nut after you swallow it. gripe stop griping over Goddess you know you love her

Goddess Jun 11, 2009

Those pics are less than a year old btw. And if you're going to put me on block you should stop talking/obsessing over me. On a better note OMFG SPACELY! <huuuuuuuuugs> :D

Gripe Jun 11, 2009

Really spacely, goddess is beautiful? you know those pics are from like 10 years ago and taken at an angle that made her look 'thinner', right? to think, that's the est she ever looked..

PWND Jun 02, 2009

I own you.