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Last 3 Squads SPASTIC   Untied    24/7 bd   
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About Me

Age 24
Location Finland
Gender Male
Where I can be found Pub
More about me I play piano and I love my big brother.

Things I Like 
Books All Stephen King books
Movies Horror
Musics classic, reggae, metal
Songs Stratovarius - Before the winter, Swallow the sun - Hope


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Zazu Aug 11, 2011

Please allow me to say you are awesome.

Savey Jul 11, 2011

i like the flag in the back

Mossad May 23, 2011

Display Back the Fuk up!

BrickRed May 17, 2011

yo broom

Display Jan 06, 2011

you dont play football dont front homegirl

Display Jan 05, 2011

Who am I to judge? your God..bow down to me fgt

Display Jan 04, 2011

and yes im black and handsome

Display Jan 04, 2011

you look like you just shit yourself in the first picture and in the last picture ur just getting ready to get fucked in the ass

Display Jan 04, 2011

and fix ur hair, the fuk is that shit

Display Jan 04, 2011

you should be interested in sports, not the piano u fuck

Display Jan 04, 2011

It's either your father must slap you silly, or start raising you better because your about me says you play the piano and that you love your big brother.. u gay man

Display Jan 04, 2011

Damn man, when you are older than 12 and start having feelings for other people, you might just need to come out of the closet because you aren't hiding much, kid. you look like a faggot

megaman89 Jan 04, 2011

If you ever see TABARNAK!!! in game, show him your cat shirt

Monkaria Dec 30, 2010

Oh, so you should be nearing the top standard of piano playing :) I taught myself, and I'm quite good :p Make sure you always practice!

Monkaria Dec 30, 2010

Yes, I started piano when I was about your age too, 13/14. I love it :)

LiL*PiGGy Dec 29, 2010

You made me kinda scream when I saw you, ..... cute?

Monkaria Dec 29, 2010

I play piano too btw!

Monkaria Dec 29, 2010

You're welcome <3

Saver1 Dec 29, 2010

you are 100 times better player than Chaplin ever was!

Monkaria Dec 28, 2010

I like your outfit!

pee pee sock Dec 16, 2010

haha, give me $100,000 bux pub and i wont beat u up kid

sam Dec 15, 2010

Where are your pants?

Primary Dec 11, 2010

what in the fuck is this, how do these people keep finding out about this game?

MoNo. Dec 02, 2010

Anime ftw.

fakiiri Nov 30, 2010

Broom owns

Nimp Nov 29, 2010

is this thing even human?

Mossad Nov 28, 2010

Hey BroomStick :)