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Age 32
Location Helsinki, Finland
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found ?find Tupla i


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pee pee sock May 23, 2012

its not gone yet.pls i pay u 10k pub bux to delete it

pee pee sock May 23, 2012

? wtf? pls delete that srs

pee pee sock May 23, 2012

i new this cat scan and he didnt even no how to get in the box? LOL srs. he laid on the carpet but couldnt find where he was goin so he just ended up on a table.

pee pee sock May 12, 2012

hellstinky, fukland

pee pee sock Feb 14, 2012

crazy muther fuker

Dustmite Nov 13, 2011


Asteroid Jan 31, 2011

guys a bitch, posing harder than zidane

Mariposa Jan 23, 2011


Oranje Jan 14, 2011


jwz Jan 14, 2011


Oranje Jan 11, 2011

u done?

Oranje Jan 08, 2011

Faggot, fixed your ban yet?

Monkaria Jan 07, 2011

So wonderful! <3 I'm glad :)

LiL*PiGGy Jan 06, 2011

Which one are you ...... -.-

Monkaria Jan 06, 2011

<3 You guys look cute. Tupla has nice eyes. I like being influential <3

tupla i Mar 21, 2010

We are finns, We are gay, any questions?

PhyRe Mar 18, 2010

i love this profile lol

chars! Mar 16, 2010


Exalt Mar 15, 2010

Finnish military looks really.... gay

chars! Mar 15, 2010

sry but the navy pic looks gay.

Healt Nov 10, 2009

j&ouml;&ouml;&ouml;, Algalon on siin vasemmal :DDD tost on kyl pari vuotta aikaa :DD

Money Oct 13, 2009

haha crazy finns

Shan Oct 07, 2009

Panssarij&auml;&auml;k&auml;ri gg:P

Pineapple Express Oct 06, 2009

LOL @ the dood resting his arm on that other guys leg... so gay.

Shan Oct 06, 2009


Nixi Oct 06, 2009

euro, methinks, but what kind...

reability Oct 04, 2009


tupla i Oct 03, 2009

How do I shoot?