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Doughnut Apr 16, 2016

Yes it is Raizin

Raizin Apr 15, 2016

This the truck you bought off joemoma?

punjar Jul 23, 2015

You are such a newb.

Cherry2000 Apr 26, 2015

Good thing there's cherry bc u are.one nutty fkn donut.

Exalt Dec 10, 2009

you gotta get rid of that cardinals jersey... switch to the cubs and you'll be cool again :)

Zazu Nov 14, 2009

In the last picture you look very much like this Dutch tv presentator. I like your haircut!

lag killer Nov 12, 2009

pujols and ankiel

Money Nov 09, 2009

hahaha chiefs

PH Nov 09, 2009

lol chiefs

FemalePersuasion Nov 09, 2009

Random PM's from strange people...

Goddess Oct 23, 2009

and an awesome voice to go with it eh myth? hehe

MythriL Oct 21, 2009

mmmm far more delicious than a doughnut