In the year 2019...

Postmates became the biggest Corporation in the known world, led by the maniacal Wirah, his reach was endless, so large and dominating that even the world was not enough, there was but a single place that could not be delivered to, one place that was still safe from his clutches
This place was known as Subspace......

Wirah set his eyes on the last known stronghold that eluded him.....and as a Vanguard sent his greatest champions code named Monster.... to do battle.

Ricko, the Red, his hair so bright and ginger he can shoot solar beams at his foes, has a indestructable steel jaw, so manly it can intimidate any man.

Attacks, The Master of Disguise, who could infiltrate a game for 18 years and go completely unnoticeable and be completely unremarkable, Can translate any phrase into a mum or bum joke with super fast speed.

Iron Survivor, From the jungles of Brazil, the Master of Teleportation, whos lag gives him the power of self teleportation and can warp bullets to the speed of light.

Vys, The Master thief from Blackpool and has the ability to change his size and ego to that of the size of a small planet.

Tripin, The Master Alchemist who smokes so much weed, he is completly fearless and can slow time.

Kentaro, The fighting shadow of Ricko, The Clark who can hurl books at unsuspecting foes at great speed

Lockdown, The Power of Transformation, can change any respectable score into a mediocre one at will.

Olde, the one eye, stole Attacks son Dominic, Has the angriest wife in discord history.

Skepsis, aka Bharat the Olympic Sprinter, expert warbird, surpassed only by his brother Siaxis in skill

Doughnut, The linguist Can coordinate
and commentate about anything with unsurpassed accuracy. Even when, where and how Tripin takes a shit and you don't want him to

Will anyone be able to stand against them?

TWDD: 1326    TWJD: 1044    TWBD: 1000    TWFD: 1000    TWSD: 1000

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