"i <3 muse "
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About Me

Location pa
Gender Female
Where I can be found elim, pub ,twdd,wbduel
More about me when im not blowing stuff up on trench im out singing on some stage somewhere ^^ when im not doing that im either at gym or sleeping .i also love art sculpting and airbrushing when i get some time.

Things I Like 
Books the vampire lestat
Movies brave heart
Musics anything but rap , country
Songs fave band muse . 30 sec to mars , too many more to list


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Spock! Dec 12, 2013

Damn Celtic, you got kicked out of Palli too? The staff can be tarded.....

Celtic~Dragon Dec 11, 2013

yay ! ^^

StonerFighter Dec 09, 2013

glad to have you back in my life bud!

Celtic~Dragon Jun 24, 2013

lol silly mani ! :P < shaddow ! ^^ <hugs> for both <3

shaddowknight Apr 25, 2013

Meow :3

Celtic~Dragon Oct 17, 2012

lol mani <3 whats up ?

Mani2312 Oct 05, 2012

Nver mind, I realise it was on a different profile! >_<

Mani2312 Sep 28, 2012

I'm sure I left a comment on here not too long ago. >_>