"I am a Leaf on the Wind, Watch how I soar. "
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About Me

Age 41
Location Romulas
Gender Male
Where I can be found Pub
More about me A scrawny nerd who lives in his mom's basement and watches star trek on a daily basis. College is not fun. I also have a huge ego and tend to be on the paranoid side. I even sleep with a katana. I also gots a 78 El Camino. I refuse to have one of those shitty plastic cars. They all probably have Gov. tracking devices in them anyway.

Things I Like 
Books Jules Verne?
Movies Vanishing Point, They Live, Death Race 2000, almost any 80's action movie.
Musics Ted Nugent, ZZ Top, The Scorpions. Talking Heads, Blue Oyster Cult.........
Songs More Songs about Buildings and Food.


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Frightful May 28, 2015

"Nice home" said the polite passerby. "Thanks" replied Spock from his El Camino.

2pacZ May 22, 2015

ur 36 and drive a el camino get a life scrub

Godzero May 16, 2015

Do you really sleep with a katana?

2pacZ May 03, 2015

its a classic but I also got a 01 honda prelude and a lexus gs350 its ballin

2pacZ Jul 07, 2014

2pacZ Jul 07, 2014

El Camino isn't luxury and sure isn't reliable.

hungrywolf Feb 23, 2014

yo yo

hungrywolf Feb 23, 2014

Is that you in the pic with the gun?

hungrywolf Feb 23, 2014

yo yo

hungrywolf Feb 14, 2014

I am a leaf on the wind!

qpr Jan 27, 2014

loool ok then $

qpr Jan 23, 2014

woops mixed both (u spock!'s) walls up

qpr Jan 23, 2014

ur pure evil

qpr Jan 21, 2014

how many votes can i cast? waz already has one

qpr Jan 16, 2014


Machine of God Dec 23, 2013

wheres your pic spock, too much of a basement dweller even by TW standards eh? must be sad knowing that in a crowd of basement dwelling pedo fags you're too ugly/nerdy/fat/virginial to show your 4 eyed neckbearded face

SkyMan's Oct 08, 2013

Brown trash....

hungrywolf Sep 14, 2013

I get 50 mpg with my vw. What's not to like?

hungrywolf Aug 06, 2013

Say it!

Randle May 06, 2013

Also the home of mental illness, homicide, and corruption. God bless america!

Fozzcat <ZH> May 02, 2013

Mmmrroww meow meeow mew meow! =^.^= ~licks~

Kinky-Girl Mar 06, 2012