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Mossad Jan 07, 2011

BARTON, you should run for President. I truly admire you, yet coming from me might seem irrelvent. you have my vote President Barton. Sincerly, Yitzy Levine

Lazio Dec 31, 2010

o/ maasling

PredatoR_FNM Dec 22, 2010

testing123 :)

Mossad Oct 21, 2010

hey you, wondering why i never seen your pic, Nice to see you :).

Display May 14, 2010

yo meet me at MLK BLVD

Hustla Bebe Apr 10, 2010

thx for leaving that comment on my gallary you saved my name from being banned i hate people hating on me so thank you so much! me and everyone else where outta control anyways thanks alot see you around :)

Goddess Mar 03, 2010

Ima 2nd Goldy's sentiments time ten... Barty there is something about ur nose that turns me on babe.

Audrey Mar 03, 2010

You noob!

Primary Feb 25, 2010


Missa Feb 05, 2010


Airship Jan 18, 2010

I wonder what your looking at...

Delectable Jan 11, 2010

LOL GOLDDUSTWOMEN wanting some of that barton magic. I like it

Petal Nov 28, 2009

Can i get some help

absurd99 Nov 17, 2009

hi barton, what did you mean 'except for that 1 pic'? i don't think it's unappropriate or distastful. maybe i'm clueless.

Barton Nov 09, 2009

still mad coz i banned you Dean? :(

dean Nov 09, 2009

too ugly for front facing pic :<

Squadless Nov 06, 2009

mythril trying to jump on it asap

GoldDustWoman Nov 06, 2009

MY GAWD we got so DAMN FINE men in tw!!

MythriL Nov 05, 2009

hey cutie

Zazu Nov 05, 2009

Finally Barton is represented on TW Gallery! <3

reability Nov 05, 2009