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Sakura Apr 30, 2011

LOL i told you i can back up my shit talking... as long as i dont choke :D maybe you didnt REALLY try though. xD

jesska Apr 26, 2011

my favorite space friend! <3

inaphyt Apr 13, 2010

Being the best jav means losing alot of times over and over again. Basically give me 4 red bulls and you wont beat me.

infrared Feb 01, 2010

this is best jav in tw right here

Mage+ Jan 17, 2010

aye mate, thanks you 2...in the first one lool

TABARNAK!!! Jan 12, 2010

best jav!

Mage+ Jan 12, 2010


danyell!! Jan 07, 2010

You are right. ;)

Mattey Jan 06, 2010

Lol, you look like Anna Paquin from fly away home.

PWND Jan 02, 2010

I'm good, haha.

Ward Jan 01, 2010

or* i meant Another tranny on gallery.

Ward Jan 01, 2010

i'm having trouble telling whether you're a male of a female sorry

PWND Jan 01, 2010

Thanks haha. No it didn't surprisingly. I did it myself. =P

Goddess Dec 31, 2009

wtf lol &lt;3 ???

Goddess Dec 30, 2009

lol you must miss me :P In that 2nd pic btw? you scare me :(

TranceTunes Dec 30, 2009

ahaha no way man thats just my sisters kid..my nephew hehe

Missa Dec 29, 2009

pro jav

Nixi Dec 29, 2009

pro hair-do's

inaphyt Dec 29, 2009

Thanks ph. You lovely man.

TranceTunes Dec 24, 2009


PH Dec 24, 2009

no he's not even a guido because he's missing the scaly tan skin, he's just a fucktard

Burzum Dec 23, 2009

From mom's favorite son-in-law to average guido in 5 + 1 broken pic? Or maybe it's top-down..

ZypheN Dec 23, 2009

Holy shit, its like an evolution lol

Democrat Jun 14, 2009

I love you.