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About Me

Age 30
Location Winsted CT
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website www.freewebs.com/devme
Where I can be found .?find rodney

Things I Like 
Books The lottery
Movies Billy Madison
Songs dabadedabadi


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Paradise Sep 17, 2016

hayden christensen lookin azz boi

pappa Jan 03, 2010

looks kinda like you were enjoying that tattooing a little too much lol

lady starlight Dec 28, 2009

what does ur chest say?

soupero Aug 22, 2009

wow dude what, you got a tattoo on your chest?! What does it say?

Pandagirl! Aug 22, 2009

I took them all down (obviously) because people are weird

Pandagirl! Aug 20, 2009


hungrywolf Aug 20, 2009

rodney is my name irl

war_bringer Aug 18, 2009

you are so cool. i want to be just like you

soupero May 10, 2009

Yo rodney sup man