"The Rusher you all fear. Basically the James Harden/Late 2000s Dwade of TW. "
Squad Dark (since Nov 28, 2017)
Rank Assistant
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About Me

Age 26
Location OHIO
Gender Female
Personal website www.website.com
Where I can be found whereuat
More about me die u fuk

Things I Like 
Books ? i cant fkn reed ashole
Movies ur fkn pissin me off
Musics a who???????
Songs DAdi????


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Wookiee's Cookies Jan 20, 2018

LOL Sheriff got banned!

Sheriff Jan 03, 2018

im out of the game man

pee pee sock Sep 26, 2017

still goin to wailly?

Zazu Aug 29, 2017

Hi pawadyse! Haz joe heart fwom soupero?

soupero Aug 25, 2017

get real m8

pee pee sock Jul 07, 2017

你好字是大宝贝,先生,我的名好字 大宝贝,先大宝贝,你好字是大是大 贝,先生,我的名好字字是大宝贝, 先生,我的名好字是大 I just toad u to fuk off in north korean

pee pee sock Jul 03, 2017

says u bin goned over 10 days. hope u made me ur benafisherary, so I get all ur pub bux. fukin freckled faced dim wit

okyo Apr 07, 2017


soupero Mar 24, 2017

I miss u bro

soupero Mar 12, 2017

LOL ''dkm this guy 100% on the spectrum'' on myollnir his pics

soupero Mar 02, 2017

DUDE CHILDREN HAS 621k IG FOLLOWERS LOL? DIdn't know there were so many 12 year olds on this world.

field Feb 13, 2017

miss u mutumbo

Kinky-Girl Jan 21, 2017


soupero Jan 14, 2017

My first message on here was in 2009. Wish I could go back.

soupero Jan 14, 2017

sup bro

PrettyMadness Dec 09, 2016

Well if is rassaq

Kado Oct 26, 2016

dis u? https://www.google.ca/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instan t&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=michonne%20f rom%20walking%20dead

pee pee sock Oct 12, 2016

what brand of dog? I didnt get him from wall mart u dum fukin ideot.

Cres Oct 04, 2016

pp sock if u ever steal 1 of my jokes again ur fkin FINISHED...i nathcerally come up with gr8 lines

pee pee sock Oct 03, 2016

tip #73 - hold ur shit in to rush better in dds. -pps

Banks Sep 27, 2016

Trump or Hillary

Deft Sep 19, 2016

that comment sounded both condescending and sarcastic, how dare you attempt to slander my reputation and good standing

Cres Sep 19, 2016

No names...NOT A SINGLE NAME...but there is a pigmented individual in the gallery right now.

Rasaq Sep 18, 2016

When and where, sweet lips

Dominate Jan 29, 2016

james harden can't carry. wat dat ass do doe.

Cres Dec 09, 2015

hey gurl u lookin gud wat dat mouf do doe

lopist Nov 10, 2015

Kill urself

Missa <ZH> Oct 10, 2014


HIV Oct 29, 2013

cud get me unbanned? thx

Oranje Sep 11, 2013


Oranje Sep 11, 2013

Hi. I quit game. Just letting you know. Quit forums too

Oranje Sep 11, 2013

http://singwal.com/images/pak_flag/Pakistani_flag. gif

Pressure Sep 10, 2013

you look rly black

Frogsk|n Jul 24, 2013


Sheriff Jul 24, 2013

Pika freakin' chu.

pee pee sock Dec 01, 2012

Im on my sale fone doin this. Tecknology is gettin so advanced.

lary Oct 13, 2012

Pika Pika

Paradise Sep 03, 2012


pee pee sock May 05, 2012


pee pee sock May 05, 2012

loool ur fav movie is pulp friction? thats fukin 19 80`s shit. why not harry potter with that guy gandolf the grey? or even that little wizard fuker dolby in king of the rings

pee pee sock May 05, 2012

i cant fukin dubel spayse in this chat. like cerealisly. u no a girl named kate? we took her on her 1st date. dont get all irate. this is just fate? got a new job and ur already late? is ohio even a state? in chess i win by check mate? black ppl hate?

Rendered Feb 05, 2012


Classic Oct 30, 2011


lopist Nov 17, 2010


soupero Jun 13, 2009