""Base is Red 2, Yellow 4 which Totals 6 other 2 are White & Black Pins of 5, Blue & Red"Stripes""

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About Me

Location Byzantium/Kronos(Christendom)
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website http://www.fupa.com/play/Puzzles-free-games/infinite-series.html
Where I can be found TSL is 2 or 3 months in season, TWDTB am fond as well
More about me Power Squadron 2018 Triple Crown since Dun VS Me in 2011. Main base game alias is Iliescu...Favorite bases in Subspace Trench Wars are: ?go #ns, ?go altbase , ?go boki, ?go #mythrandir, and ?go smallbase. Base is the most in favor game mode in the zone and smartest in opinion..Love Star Trek Enterprise, Voyager, Deep Space 9, The Original Series and The Animated Series. A season 5 TSL troop with basing red inside skirmishes to obtain flag. Science fiction am finding as cool, one if not the best science fiction authors of the realm is Isaac Asimov there is also shows as Mobile Suit Gundam fair decent also. Fond to respect the work above all else except things such as attach kinds of wrong illumination that may be present when regarding them or the archive. During this year of TSL Season 2...finding is with red Liberal connotation, Basing goes well with it since can sight the main image code of Base sports red near all the time. Found that kind of fitting but whatever. Most favorite of home base or field activity is Warmachine with Privateer Press (their symbol is sort of a Mutiny squad banner or Pirate flag). The phrase of catch with Warmachine seems to be 'Are you done?' which is rare since that jargon appears in gaming especially if frustration happens. Good civilization with this sort of thing which kind of is as a set of rules while remains as entertain sort of organize project from basic to even advance which just requires patience and love for the game it seems. An other series Dawn of War is of major success anyway. As of Colosseum? What Colosseum? Roman be proud, there it is within this. A faint nostalgia to cyberforce and youngblood series also. Am agree as well with Spartan own America (Rebel Alliance), Athens(intellect) and Sparta(combat) are a favor of ancient Greece which is a delight in much simulation models, Would also include Corinth(close face helmets) since that province comes to mind but anyways... From Dobrogea to a renew Paladen is a nice switch, much love Subspace Continuum. Aside from Continuum, Ratchet and Clank is great - the Zoni are 4 total and they can do 4 things: Enter, Attack, Follow, Wait. Fun stuff, buy a Playstation Vita. Iliescu Family has Medals in: Evangelion, Subspace, Music, Kongregate and Starcraft 2. Five Alive!

Things I Like 
Books The Odyssey, The Castle, Earthsea,Foundation, Malazan, Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, The Black Company, Alvin Maker,1984,Templar Legacy,'
Movies Rogue One, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Robotech, Amadeus, Jaws, 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea, Enterprise, Nausicaa, Spawn, Gundam
Musics Metallica, The Three Tenors, Imonolith, Iron Maiden, Static-X, The White Stripes, Kamelot, Amorphis,Sonata Arctica, Nirvana
Songs Metal, Pop,Classical,Rock,Nu Metal,Industrial Metal,Black Metal,Symphonic Metal,,Melodic Metal,Thrash,Indie,Alternative,Hip Hop


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BrickRed Sep 30, 2019


Jessup Aug 28, 2018

Hi invincible.. nice pics.. simulator looks fun! Ur cool :)

Invincible Jun 13, 2018

Europe wins in School(invention of Greece). Something informative, Europe the past of America is root base with the awesome subject of Physics, Calculus, Monograph Science Fiction, Chemistry and Mythology. What hurts of it? Algebra is from of a Caliphate.

Invincible Jun 11, 2018

The Cram Busters is the official name eh.

Invincible Jun 11, 2018

Cram Busters 1 functions with 1 in wins as Repel Alliance in the first round. 2 from 6 matches before playoffs are there. Nice Game!

Invincible May 07, 2018

The Marauders and Maroon 5 are Genius.

Invincible May 07, 2018

Pop Rock is cool too.

Invincible Apr 29, 2018

'Throw, Catch, Dodge, Kick, Defend - Football Soothall' And Star Realm new cards game again.....

Invincible Dec 13, 2017

Mr. D.I. here also finds well card decks too: Mystical Empire, Star Fluxx, Game of Thrones, Star Trek: Original, and Warcraft. Anyways, Happy Holidays!

Invincible Dec 13, 2017

Dan Iliescu fine with, fun things for instance...favorite comic book series is Haunt, Spawn, Arkham City, X-Force, and Venom vs. Carnage. As for table top there is Warmachine and Hordes, Catan, Pandemic and Star Wars. 10 total.

Invincible Dec 03, 2017

Dan Hadrian Iliescu is my name fakiiri, like to bicycle and bike. Technology is cool and found this better in Canada. Good mix, hope to see ya again.

Invincible Dec 03, 2017

TWDTD is good too, POWER is a nice squad with Ricko and Henry Saari, BARATHEON has Ogron and Holy Ship so that is neat as they are squad mates...to us [Cobra and Dudgeon]

fakiiri Aug 19, 2012

Pew pew Invinator =)