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Ribblet Mar 20, 2017

Deft, you suck. - Ribblet

i.d. Nov 07, 2016

was in the neighbourhood, thought I'd pop by and say o haiii! o/

i.d. Nov 05, 2016

You're terrible :(

Fem. Nov 02, 2016

I'm going to hold you to it

i.d. Oct 16, 2016

hi <3

Cres Oct 07, 2016

deft the type of guy 2 wear the same hat in all his photos and still pose with the middle finger in 2016

i.d. Oct 06, 2016

https://youtu.be/LILL0AV0938 :)

i.d. Oct 04, 2016

The real troll was making you think I was cutting internet, then telling you I was joking but actually cutting it. I'm a shitty human being and don't you start thinking otherwise, David. Cya next year, maybe.

i.d. Sep 20, 2016

Paradise so smart for a brown man.

Paradise Sep 17, 2016

You look like you don't drugs at all.

i.d. Sep 12, 2016

Mm, noppers! 😑

i.d. Sep 04, 2016

That coming from the terrible person who's been banned for impersonating me... rich!

i.d. Aug 31, 2016

And don't use the name i,d, again, David.

i.d. Aug 18, 2016

Deft is a terrible person. Just gonna leave that here so you've all been warned. 😏