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About Me

Age 31
Location Ontario, Canada
Gender Male
Where I can be found Floating in Space
More about me When your ship is goin down Ill stand by and watch you drown.

Things I Like 
Books Enders Game
Movies Backstage Passport
Musics NOFX
Songs The Decline


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UUU <ZH> Apr 17, 2015

U rock mate

Jessup Mar 26, 2015

k,, it's time for a link to hear your band plez.. We wanna hear. Cool pics

Kinky-Girl Feb 14, 2015

lets go shopping ^^

Kinky-Girl Feb 14, 2015


Jessup Feb 10, 2015

Sing me a lullaby! You rock Randle!! ^_^

Little Slick Jun 14, 2014

what in the hell kind of dumb tattoo is that?

Spock! Jun 27, 2013

I just realized that I should have posted my mini-rant on my own page.....And now I just seem like a person that starts ranting on random people's pages....damnit.

Randle Jun 04, 2013

I'm not sure what that has to do with anything on my profile, but thanks for ur input :) hug initiated o/

Spock! May 30, 2013

Gosh.....WTF do you know about America you lame ass Canadian piece of shit.... America is corrupt as hell, but we still have more freedom than most other countries... Hug me.

danyell!! May 05, 2013

Nice bass, bro.

pee pee sock May 05, 2013

pink shirt? u cross dressin fuk. prolly got pink underwear to eh? pink ass muther fuker, fuk u

Alfy Feb 04, 2013

Nice redneck tan!

Rivals Dec 18, 2011

Randle ftw, ANDY ANDY ANDY

Concern Mar 03, 2011

Sup rookie, how are you?

megaman89 Oct 04, 2010

did you use a wide angle lens so your muscles could fit in the pic?

papist Sep 07, 2010