Commodo> spastic cudda taken either of these teams with me sharking instead of morph

felix_da_k> stop ruining the game jamal
felix_da_k> u cunt

Palladin> JAMAL is the biggest pussy in Ohio

jeffpotato> jamal went from a twl legend to a pub noobie

jeffpotato> somebody kill jamal lol
jeffpotato> he's a trash player

felix_da_k> another jamal bullshit
felix_da_k> jamal used to be

felix_da_k> must be having a shitty life to do this
felix_da_k> can't get satisfaction IRL so he ruins 30 people's pub game

Potatoes> i'm not sure who is worse, freq 0 or jamal

queefy> dont pretend like you are jamals friend
queefy> he has no friends
queefy> jamals mother doesnt even love him

Red_X> i would normally have reported you for spec hunting long ago, but pub is so dead, i didn't bother

Ogron> go fuck urself u stupid dork

(greenman)>i think trump represents the absolute worst in humanity and i am so far away from it i can't join a subspace squad based off the chat name lol

Blithely> Jamal is such a cool jav. I know some of you hate him, but he's way too fun

GYpSi> jamal is stuck playing with his crappy squad
GYpSi> he was rejected from the better squads

Lao916x> funny how ppl hate jamal n he doesnt even talk
GYpSi> you would put him on ignore if you did
GYpSi> he's one of the most racist bigots in this zone

Alanon> Jamal is like halfway between a regular player and junin
Alanon> Jamal is jav junin

JuniorPant> gg to everyone except Jamal who is a bitch

Flying_Pen> stop being a dick jamal

CEOFalcon> real reason jam wont pirate anything
CEOFalcon> not scared of being locked up
CEOFalcon> scared he cant play ss

z3t4_ur7> hey jamal stop PMing me you fucking weird loser faggot
z3t4_ur7> stupid, angry, probably ugly as fuck, with no girlfriend or social life

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