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About Me

Age 29
Location Arkansas
Gender Male
Personal website https://steamcommunity.com/id/ZeroAffex/
Where I can be found ?find Darth Ixa
More about me Darth IxaDor :D

Things I Like 
Books Any book that talks about the dark side of the force or the sith.
Movies Star Wars and Porn. Sometimes in that order.
Musics Too many to list. Disco Ensemble, Silverchair and Dead Letter Circus are probably my favorites..
Songs So Cold - Disco Ensemble, #1 Zero - Audioslave, Pittsburgh (no intro) -The Amity Affliction


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Ixador Jun 20, 2018

Thanks Jess. I am also happy we made amends, you're a great friend to have. Maybe we'll meet up in another game someday and have some fun. Best wishes on your future endeavors! Cheers :)

Jessup Jun 13, 2018

Your dogs are awesome and must love those walks out in that country. Cool pics and glad to be civil w/u again ixa <3