Sheriff <ZH>
"Luulo ei ole tiedon väärti"
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Last 3 Squads  Mellow   Skille    Mambo   
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About Me

Age 32
Location Helsinki, Finland
Gender Male
Personal website www.worldstarhiphop.com
Where I can be found #mambo

Things I Like 
Songs Kran Turismo


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pee pee sock Aug 26, 2012

roses r red violins r blue, i fuked para`s dog and ill fuk u to.

LiL*PiGGy Aug 06, 2012

hehe not my room.

RJ Jun 22, 2012

is that seriously a shooting star on your head?

pee pee sock Jun 21, 2012

lopist why u have me blacklisted? u fukin pakistanian lookin muther fuker

lopist Jun 20, 2012

pretty gay haircut

pee pee sock Jun 18, 2012

i put a swastika in my ass hair, one on each cheek

Kinky-Girl Jun 18, 2012

your like a hill billy but with style :P jk