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Roadhead Mar 15, 2013

keith birth day 3-14-89 waisted n remberin it........keith stone .....................smooth 12pk 4 u brothter <3 u miss u

pee pee sock Jan 19, 2013

ran outta alcohol? so dam drunk u always fall? fuk a fat slut in the hall? u got the dope game on call? sell me a 8 ball? wanna borrow my blow up doll?

pee pee sock Feb 17, 2012

why u stealin other members of continuum`s pix? u like dix? bag of trix? u get ur kix? rum an coke mix? get ur fix? ur dix six cm? now thats a fukin trolled

pee pee sock Jan 10, 2012

get a fukin pic up, then u can start runnin ur mouth. no offence tho eh. k? all day? fukin a? what u say? yes u may?