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Missa Apr 15, 2010

Hi asshole :D

Slippy Apr 10, 2010

if god went afk during the creation then they wouldnt be here? you = owned

BrickED Mar 27, 2010

Hey Primary! Did you know you look just like Denzel Washington? Oh, and Martin Luther King...and Kanye West...and Obama!

BrickED Mar 27, 2010

Happy nagger day, Primary!

Missa Mar 27, 2010

Hi Primary. I'm pretty sure your cousins came in to steal stuff from my store today. GG they got arrested. Sry bout that, bro!

Primary Mar 26, 2010

missa, fem., bricked, recorded, all = product of god going afk during creation lolol

Hustla Bebe Mar 22, 2010

lol i feel srry for you. hating on a kid.. my kid. your a loser

MoNo. Feb 15, 2010

I love you too :D

Missa Feb 09, 2010

HI :)