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About Me

Gender Not telling you geeks
More about me I like physics, maths, music, factual information about the universe and things in and about it, things that smell good, minds, and imaginations.

Things I Like 
Books Most often non-fiction
Songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW7jGnLokt4


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MoNo. Mar 15, 2018

Wow digging the new looks!

soupero Mar 04, 2018


Kinky-Girl Jan 26, 2018

Pretty ^_^

Jessup Jan 20, 2018

ooo Fem love your braids!! You look so pretty!! Missed you & glad to see you back!! <3

Wookiee's Cookies Jan 20, 2018

nice dreads

Paradise Jan 19, 2017

an all nacheral borned free spiret

Paradise Jan 19, 2017

water u fkn sayin

Cres Jan 19, 2017

james harden dat u

Lrim Nov 23, 2016

no, I just know how to tie a damn tie.

Kinky-Girl Nov 20, 2016

Hendrix is better if I'd have to choose but I like Metallica the most.

Cres Nov 11, 2016


Sulla Nov 04, 2016


Banks Nov 03, 2016

Everytime i fart i think of you

ChocoMoco Nov 01, 2016

Hey there

bEst Nov 01, 2016

yo what the hell r u doing

Cres Nov 01, 2016

wat dat mouf do doe

Jessup Oct 26, 2016

Hi Fem!! ^_^ Nice to finally see the jav that gives me so much trouble in pub duel lol . You are pretty :)

MoNo. Oct 23, 2016

Aww Natural Beauty Fem. You look so damn adorable.

i.d. Oct 22, 2016

I like things that smell good too. I bet you smell delicious. How long does it take to microwave a frozen baby? Bet that smells not so delicious.

MoNo. Jul 28, 2016

Very awesome picture with censorship.

Machine of God Dec 23, 2013

u into assplay?

Second Shot Oct 05, 2013

Death is simply the lack of life through natural decay. I don't consider time to be real due to the fact that it is a concept invented by intelligent species to make their lives more efficient.