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Hustla Bebe Dec 10, 2009

ratt havent seen yiu in ages where youu goo <3

Menthol Jun 02, 2009

ratt... ur one of the coolest losers on the game... and i mean that from the bottom of my heart.. <3

Schfifty-Five May 19, 2009


Nixi May 17, 2009

I seem to have Wednesday Adams syndrome when it comes to pictures- if I try to smile, I just look even scarier

KuleniKs Apr 13, 2009

I'm proud to say he's a member of my ss squadron.

wicket666 Apr 12, 2009

omg lost to a ratt!

Raizin Apr 11, 2009

Damn you can fit alot of nuts in your mouth

danyell!! Mar 27, 2009

RATT!! ITS YOU! aww your adorable.