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lady starlight Nov 02, 2009

sick guns!

danyell!! Oct 29, 2009

You reminds me of this dude i know...

Goddess Oct 26, 2009

lmfao... took me all of 5 seconds to figure out wtf u meant by that. U so crazy lol

weed master.. Oct 24, 2009

and your right about that!!! Guns DON'T kill people. People with bad intentions do. 2nd ammendment was there for a reason!! without how do we defend our homes from people breakin in!! thats what my 1911 is for woooooot

weed master.. Oct 24, 2009

o0o0o0o LoVe your set of guns. got me an ar-15 myself :D

Kid Kaos Oct 23, 2009

Nice collection homie.

Money Oct 23, 2009

nice, i carry a glock 27 legally :) go Texas

Solo Assassin Oct 22, 2009

Well the problem isn't the guns, it's the idiots that do crimes with the said guns. I carry a Glock 30 daily (legally) and I have never even thought about pulling it on anyone.

miskrit Oct 22, 2009

There isn't a gun control problem in America.