"Deîmos kaì Phóbos."

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Rank Player
Last 3 Squads  Paladen   *MaGmA*    Gladiator   
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About Me

Age 31
Location Du Levant
Gender Male
Personal website http://www.JamesKoss.com
Where I can be found Public & WBD
More about me I shoot. I aim. I evade. Repeat.

Things I Like 
Books Audiobooks.
Movies Every so often.
Musics Resistance bands are great fitness equipment!
Songs A Song of Ice and Fire?


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olde Nov 01, 2016

u probly suck dik fgt

Reel Oct 21, 2016

I wear a diversity of simple yet functional garments. And vegetables.

Cres Oct 19, 2016

water u waring