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About Me

Age 36
Location Minnesota USA
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website tatdatass
Where I can be found don't find me ugly
More about me only god can judge me


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Kado Apr 13, 2019

my boy is a straight GOOOOOON. get a better car tho :D

Tiger the crab Jan 25, 2019

u seem like a rly cool and smart guy <3

soupero Aug 12, 2018

Where u at boi

soupero Feb 18, 2018

I miss you man

Tiger the crab Nov 04, 2017

not true, police can judge u 2 if u get caught

soupero May 10, 2013

show the dragon tattoo

Johnie Nov 18, 2011

Wrong Joey, give me my 20 bucks foo

Joey Oct 31, 2011

20$ says the tatt reads: Chicken Skin

Johnie Oct 25, 2011

LK you chinese, learn to read fool.

lag killer Oct 24, 2011

LOL, your tattoo says "I love rice"?!

Johnie Oct 23, 2011

LOL soupero you fgt.

soupero Oct 23, 2011

What does your tattoo say "I love soupero" or "I love rice" Lol love you bro

Bruno Mars. Oct 04, 2011

aha, cute

Sakhan Aug 27, 2010

Asians chicks are sexy

Boofcat Jul 01, 2010