"There is No Substitute"
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About Me

Age 38
Location Vancouver, BC, Canada
Gender Male
Personal website http://twl.trenchwars.org/?x=hof
Where I can be found ?find Dynasty
More about me 4-Time TWLD Champion & 2-Time TWLJ Champion ~ TWEL Season 1 Winner ~ TWD Season 1 Victors ~ TWL Phase 1 Hall of Famer

Things I Like 
Books Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
Movies Infernal Affairs
Musics Big Bang
Songs Voice Message


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Kentaro Apr 15, 2010


Aerin Jan 25, 2010

chan ho nam wtf u been. make a new fucken squad and not shinobi. that squad is cursed

Goddess Dec 11, 2009

Wow Dyn turning into a hotty :)

audit Dec 06, 2009

I honestly thought tats were illegal in Canada. Just kidding :D How you been Dyn

Foreal Dec 04, 2009

nice ass tiger tatt, i got 2 tiger tatts but not as good as yours

Refer Dec 02, 2009

ur the real chan ho nam now. lol

Geio Nov 18, 2009

holy mother of god...nice tattoo

Squadless Nov 03, 2009

how much did that tattoo cost?

chars! Oct 31, 2009

do u use the tiger in kung fu?

Exalt Oct 30, 2009

sweet tat dude

ZypheN Oct 30, 2009

nice tat man

Lame Aug 03, 2009

Where is the ninja suit? :)

Aerin Jul 21, 2009

sup baller. ebisu always so packed man. i just want a drink!

Mage+ Jul 16, 2009


Tabo Jul 04, 2009

vultching buddy

Exile- Jun 25, 2009

That shirt looks to big on you.

pee pee sock Jun 25, 2009

chain gang?

lag killer Jun 25, 2009

Haha dyn, if I had a girlfriend like yours, I wouldn't have any extra time to even lift...long shot but she have a twin?!

Refer Jun 24, 2009

i want to cul your porsche and make love to it.

PWND Jun 24, 2009


Exalt Jun 24, 2009

nice cars

KillerGt Jun 24, 2009

So this is the guy stealin' all my girlfriends :(

Sakura Jun 23, 2009

haha =) im not recruit worthy =D

Kid Kaos Jun 23, 2009

Haha i get Super man High homie :)

Ara Jun 16, 2009

hey Dy :D

Kentaro Jun 15, 2009

nice ride

Dynasty Jun 13, 2009

Yup, that was Haunama Bay, beautiful clear water. I snorkeled in there and came face to face with a 200lbs Sea Turtle!

Kid Kaos Jun 13, 2009

Think I saw this guy in "Big Trouble in Little China" haha jp meng sick whips homie.

Scrotal Jun 13, 2009

Whatsup dy...is that beach pic from your recent Hawaii trip?

Money Jun 12, 2009

NICE civic

Ignite Jun 11, 2009

Looks like Liu Kang fresh out of Mortal Kombat!