""whatever works""
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Squad None
Rank Player
Last 3 Squads  GOAT   Bury   SoloPhase   
Donated $217

About Me

Location Zimbabwe
Gender Female
Personal website http://www.extreme-games.net
Where I can be found in .?go eg
More about me whatever works

Things I Like 
Books ebook
Movies series
Musics josti
Songs victory song


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Tiger the crab Oct 20, 2017

whatever wokrks.. ya the only thing that works for u is drugs, u need em to stay alive fukn loser hahahahaha

Tiger the crab Oct 20, 2017

you look*

Tiger the crab Oct 20, 2017

you like an ugly turk fgt, loooool its true

NotSoSerious Dec 26, 2016

You look like Mike The Situation haha goddamn

Sulla Nov 27, 2016


Lrim Apr 25, 2016

I love the risk and mario themed chess boards

Second Shot Mar 08, 2012

gtfo KG's wall

danyell!! Jan 04, 2012


danyell!! Jan 03, 2012

nice collection.

24 Sep 02, 2011

EG Tournament?

24 Sep 02, 2011

Was this the EG thing? -24

24 Sep 02, 2011

Thanks for donating to Trench Wars! :) I just put your medal up! Gold = $100+

qpr Jul 31, 2011


qpr Jul 31, 2011

Nice middle finger on first pic tough guy

Sheriff Jan 18, 2011

Hi, you look cute! e-date?