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Exodia Feb 23, 2010

Do you know what a Jew is you retarded Oriental?

Affliction Dec 04, 2009


Foreal Dec 04, 2009

oh and affliction its actually LCV

Foreal Dec 04, 2009


Affliction Nov 26, 2009

Go on youtube and type in Thai - Roll wit us ROFL not cool tryin to be someone you aint man.

Affliction Nov 26, 2009

dude that's Thai, the rapper, I know him, he's in the gang called LVC, Laos, Vietnamese, and Cambodians, rofl you fake ass jewnig

Ward Nov 19, 2009

QQ boi

Kid Kaos Nov 18, 2009

phirewolf you have to be the most pathetic loser on SubSpace. Congradulations!

NO <3 Nov 08, 2009


Kid Kaos Oct 28, 2009

even if that was you. You'd still be a 5&quot;3 skinny asian who thinks he's a gangsta ninja.

Ward Oct 28, 2009

everyone has seen your true pic already. ur an ugly white kid so you can stop pretending now

miskrit Oct 27, 2009

On the internet, you can be anything you'd like, including an asian with the thug complex.

Goddess Oct 27, 2009

rofl you're so funny... why post fake pics phire? :/

Kid Kaos Oct 27, 2009

THis is completely fake rofl.

ZypheN Oct 27, 2009

No way, this rly you man? sick tat, very nice.

audit Oct 27, 2009

pretty nice ink dude

GoldDustWoman Oct 27, 2009

BADASS TATTOO MAN!!!!dragon gonna bite the nip nip!! nomnom!!