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Gender Not telling you geeks
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FemalePersuasion Aug 22, 2009

LoL you breakdance with the look of "Yeah, I'm f'n cool and this is so easy."

wicket666 Jul 17, 2009

i can break dance all over peoples faces

MoNocidelxMaNi4c Jun 24, 2009

I knew you were never a widget LOL

GoldDustWoman Jun 22, 2009

finally, we git to know what a widget is!!

a cute fuzzy kitten May 19, 2009

nope, and you're too cute. all of us "a" names are cute, and stuff!

a cute fuzzy kitten May 15, 2009

heyyyy, put your pics back up! sadface :(

R.I.P May 03, 2009

hehe no problem (:

R.I.P May 02, 2009

i agree! your eyes are amazing (:

a cute fuzzy kitten Apr 29, 2009

your eyes are too prittay.