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duel pasta

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Rank Player
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About Me

Age 30
Location Belguim
Gender Not telling you geeks
Personal website duelpasta.be
Where I can be found events and my priv arena

Things I Like 
Books harry potter
Movies horror
Musics metal


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PjOtTeR Oct 11, 2009

Oh god, ARE you him? plz kill urself!!! No wait, ur actually funny, so please dont, just remind me to never think of ur pic ever ever again!!!

stompa Jun 30, 2009

duel pasta i would like to touch you

Goddess Jun 27, 2009

Stop looking at me creep

soupero Jun 22, 2009

:D:D haha pasta

Hate The Fake Jun 15, 2009

hi dp!

NO <3 Jun 08, 2009

you have a duck foot fetish i see -_-

Mango. Jun 07, 2009

wheres that pic of ur ass

Ohmalee Jun 07, 2009

LOL! the Donald duck pic is $$$

Jolly Fat Man Jun 07, 2009

Do work.

L3MU3L Jun 07, 2009

ROFL that donald duck is prolly the 2nd most funny pic i've seen lol. good job

Pandagirl! Jun 07, 2009

That Donald Duck picture is awesome

Ignite Jun 07, 2009

I see a mom and her daughter in the reflection of that store window. Good job.