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Squad Paladen (since Nov 11, 2019)
Rank Player
Last 3 Squads Hit   Derecho    Potenza   
Medals None
Donated None

About Me

Location USA
Gender Male
Personal website http://vimeo.com/33933729
Where I can be found twjd,javs,duel

Things I Like 
Movies Pulp Fiction
Musics Pink Floyd
Songs Pink Floyd - Echoes


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Heisman Jan 18, 2012

snoop eats poop. Kona would own him. Pow wham bam Love u

bong Jan 17, 2012

nice dog, tell me his name is spuds.

Rocket Soldier Jan 03, 2012


LiL*PiGGy Dec 30, 2011

hehe it's in a ponytail it's not that short.

Heisman Dec 26, 2011

u missin a bolt n screw

Myollnir Dec 23, 2011

yeah i might next summer but today im leaving to go shredding for 3 weeks WHAT SON?

Myollnir Dec 21, 2011

should be up soon not now tho

Myollnir Dec 21, 2011

dam sick pictures man i think i might have one more i can put up, snowboarding season next week so ill have way better pics to put up soon

LiL*PiGGy Dec 19, 2011

y u bow down just 4 me ? <3

BrickRed Dec 17, 2011

U look like ur praying in that last pic, leet skiilz tho

Antonio Cromartie Nov 25, 2011

clean + jerk

pee pee sock Nov 17, 2011

crazy fuker. im better skater then u. gg tho eh

Joey Oct 31, 2011

Lens lets go play skate sometime

LiL*PiGGy Oct 26, 2011

hhahahahaha good timeesss

LiL*PiGGy Oct 25, 2011

i could even fit in there :> take me with you!!

lag killer Oct 24, 2011

i think you need to patch up your jeans

slum Oct 09, 2011

hahaha spot on lens

LiL*PiGGy Sep 30, 2011

nope. you :)

LiL*PiGGy Sep 29, 2011

y u so cute?<3

MoNo. Sep 27, 2011

awesome skills you have on those skates! love the neon green wheels.

Myollnir Sep 27, 2011

damn im losing the cool picture war ill strike back as soon as winter falls :<

Myollnir Sep 16, 2011

aw u took off ur awesome pics? :<<<<