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Cres Aug 25, 2015

remiiiiiiiiii boooiiiizzzzz yaAAaaAaAaAAaaaaaaa

soupero Jul 04, 2015

u ok cuz?

okyo Jun 10, 2015


Cres May 06, 2015

? y link not work lol i redo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SMiYKNhgcbM

Cres May 06, 2015

remy boyz ain nothin lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=41&v=SMiYKNhgc bM

Frightful May 03, 2015

I me gotted doppler chasebuster from mickdontes. Also, eated lars frank fray.

Cres Apr 26, 2015

1738 lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_kF4zLNKio

Inmate Jan 29, 2015

stupid faggot

Cres Jan 22, 2015

wat da fk y staff 0 iq n ruin game by banning the top 3 personalities aka cres mighty n rendered

Cres Jan 20, 2015

lol me been banned ever since dec 15 or something for using aliases "aggin" and "saggin"

Cres Jan 15, 2015

lol rip wat do

Cres Jan 13, 2015


Frightful Jun 15, 2014

Plump prairie pigeons plunder pumpkin patches periodically, perusing for pickles and pink pupae.

qpr May 17, 2014

I said wot wot

Frightful May 14, 2014

I hypothesize that the increasing radius of octopian breeding grounds is a cause for concern. Perhaps we should triangulate their coordinates and exterminate the 8-legged craters.

qpr May 14, 2014

LoL u no even remember Nighty, it's only been what? 2 months?

qpr May 14, 2014

miss u too

Frightful May 13, 2014

Ambidextrous vegetarian burritos intercept government communications using tomahawks and sexual innuendos.

Frightful May 12, 2014

If I was a Puerto Rican pygmy goat and you were a Siberian buzzsaw, I would bandana DirecTV Cruella DaVille.

pps Jan 27, 2014


Frightful Jan 26, 2014

Let me translate from Soupero's native language to English: He's attracted and would like to breed with you.

soupero Jan 25, 2014

dude u srs