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About Me

Age 31
Location Lagland
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found hockey

Things I Like 
Books 'How to use a microwave' manual
Movies Attack of the killer tomatoes
Musics Mambo Boys
Songs Born Mambonian


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Rendered Aug 14, 2014

Do i know you?

B.RabbiT Feb 20, 2014

They have an app for android tho, we can discuss tactics and theoretical jabolining if you log on

Whimp Feb 17, 2014

I don't have a pc. SS no worky on mac. :(

B.RabbiT Feb 12, 2014

you still alive you bastard? gtf back to ss, need 1 for jdski! #yeshomo

Whimp Feb 11, 2014

Miss dem good old days of epiclulz! :D #nohomo

B.RabbiT Sep 26, 2013

im was like. what is the secret of your power?

Whimp Sep 26, 2013

Im was like. This nigga still in SS?