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Cres Jan 20, 2015


Thorne May 24, 2013

Such a cute little girl you are casket and so talented at spamming retarded msg's

LiL*PiGGy Dec 18, 2012

O thanks, she's a cutie eh?

pee pee sock Dec 07, 2012

LOL look what i rote on my wall about u aahahaha u just got fukin banned.

pee pee sock Dec 06, 2012

u look like a midget.

Engineers Dec 04, 2012

loooooooooooool wow

SkyMan's Nov 12, 2012

No necessity to be thin and muscular to get girls, Casket, GG bro :D

pee pee sock Oct 13, 2012

whats thats girls name in ur pic? she never toad me it when she left the other nite

Engineers Aug 23, 2012

hawt :D :D :D <3

MythriL Feb 27, 2011

mmm. so jealous of those girls

Zazu Feb 26, 2011

She's got a good pair.. Did you pay her to accompany you?

Cres Feb 26, 2011

yo duno who u r, but who the girl in first pic? this kari kari jr?

Burzum Mar 11, 2010

Bilo kuda Bosanci svuda?

Goddess Mar 09, 2010

How many times r u 2 gonna change names lol