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About Me

Age 36
Location FL
Gender Male
Where I can be found Base King & wbduel


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SPECCER* Nov 15, 2012

where are the females in your pics anti? check out my gallery for inspiration

Mani2312 Oct 01, 2012

I agree, Palm doesn't know how to referee events. He really pisses me off.

Selfy Aug 01, 2011

anti!!! I love you and I miss you where are you???

Jizoint Jun 22, 2011

You look like a prissy bitch .

Monkaria Apr 28, 2011

Your eyes are yellow! That's like a vegetarian vampire :3 P.S. I don't like Twilight.

Jill Shortmilk Apr 20, 2011

My face isn't made of poop, unlike YOURS BWA HA HA HA

Jill Shortmilk Apr 11, 2011

Bwa ha ha you giant queer :D

Nanners Apr 11, 2011

Hey there foxy.

Repent Apr 07, 2011

dude, is that rlt yu?