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whopper Jan 11, 2012

Holy shit clean that room!! Bear got them shades.

Cee Lo Aug 10, 2011

why don't you look like what I imagined...

LiL*PiGGy Jul 13, 2011

Hey I know you! :>

L3MU3L Feb 10, 2010

clean up your room fool

Missa Nov 30, 2009

hi looove!

Audrey Sep 25, 2009

LOL soupero!! Dude Aaron, im still waiting for that one =P

soupero Sep 16, 2009

homeschooled !!1

Oat Sep 14, 2009

So this is the aarbear that is so terrible at my game.

Aarbear Sep 12, 2009

Hey audry! I didn't even put up my Hi Audry picture yet!

Audrey Sep 12, 2009

Hai cutebear! How ya doing my friend?

ZypheN Sep 12, 2009

ha nice, I made the same mistake once.