""All i have in this world is my balls,and my word,and i dont break em for no one"
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Squad Envy (since Oct 10, 2013)
Rank Assistant
Last 3 Squads  LEGO    wattimers   Hit   
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About Me

Age 31
Location Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada)
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found ?find Abducted

Things I Like 
Musics frank zappa,pink floyd,tragically hip,red hot chilli peppers
Songs under the bridge,i dont wana get drafted,the bad touch


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O'6-Quantum Aug 01, 2012

what up dude where the fuck your brother bin?

Barton Apr 10, 2010

i like the elephants, good for in a baby room :)

Goddess Apr 10, 2010

umm... hello. New to the game? lol

pee pee sock Apr 09, 2010

elephant fuker

Zazu Jan 19, 2010

I like the little elephants!

ReKall Jun 29, 2009

Nice J tho LOLOL

PWND Jun 26, 2009

lol dude