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About Me

Age 40
Location Slovenia
Gender Not telling you geeks

Things I Like 
Books R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire
Movies Tycoon: The new Russian
Musics everything from black metal to old school house


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Xog Mar 12, 2010

not gay :\

Casket Mar 11, 2010

haha kako si znao

Goddess Mar 11, 2010

Is that your gay friend who keeps hitting on you? lol STOP LICKING HIM and he might stop hitting on u :D

uli Feb 28, 2010


TABARNAK!!! Jan 12, 2010

you look like someone i know. (KTF Flash)

Mattey Jan 06, 2010

I wasn't joaning on your mom, i was just talking about how marijuana is an indicator of schizophrenia-spectrum disorder, not as a cause of them.

Disengaged Dec 25, 2009

Haha yeah, I love those watches. I got it for $400, originally around $800. Couldn't pass it up

Ward Dec 25, 2009

what the fucking fuckkkkkkk

TranceTunes Dec 24, 2009

fail pretzel.

Hustla Bebe Dec 23, 2009

well, i have a photo editting adictionand i like it it brings character

Burzum Dec 23, 2009

No it's not a biscuit, actually a sort of pretzel. And it was supposed to look like a snake, not a turd.

Goddess Dec 21, 2009

Sexy :D

Squadless Dec 21, 2009


Missa Dec 21, 2009

That's not a biscuit, is it? :(

tupla i Dec 21, 2009

I did not know that slovenians have guitars or deserts

tupla i Dec 21, 2009


Goddess Dec 20, 2009

Play for me sometime? I'll sing another for you :)

Missa Dec 20, 2009

This picture is crazy entertaining. Nylon strings (or I'm blind..), a pink (or I'm blind) bracelet, biscuits in your face.. And you look serious as can be!

Goddess Dec 20, 2009

Did u forget what i looked like and just had to come see? i still have ur pics on my hard drive so i cheated :P