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Age 34
Location Florida
Gender Not telling you geeks
Where I can be found ?find RaCka


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Missa Dec 05, 2018


2pacZ Mar 26, 2015


Haze Aug 21, 2014


Amnesti Jul 03, 2014

riverside is the one thats equally good as u prolly.

Amnesti Apr 09, 2014

if any1 thinks im wrong just duel this guy.. hes crazily good

Amnesti Apr 09, 2014

you are better than lasenza. I believe u r better than mythril and ease too. i say ur the zone's best warbird.. im not even kidding

2pacZ Nov 06, 2013

yo cuz ima be back on the 17th so better get me back on squad cause ima own these niggas

Casket Oct 05, 2012

can't see me son

Cadbury Mar 15, 2012

What time is it?

Chrissygirl Feb 28, 2012

Oh my, what nice arms you have sir.

Mariposa Jan 23, 2011

rly good picz lol

Display Nov 17, 2010

Wow racka the situation

papist Oct 30, 2010

crackling you have no idea what you're talking about. Arnold the greatest bodybuilder of all time is known for having a tiny waist. it looks awesome

ZypheN Oct 30, 2010

Vash still has you beat.

lady starlight Jun 15, 2010

yes, whenever I have time. ?find lady starlight

Infority May 10, 2010

Evade> racka look like sponge bob w anchor arms

RaCka May 10, 2010


Crackling May 10, 2010

dudes arms 10x his waist lolol

Crackling May 10, 2010

this is the shit u see from inbreeding

Funk E Mar 15, 2010


megaman89 Feb 22, 2010

small lowerback = virgin

Mobey Feb 04, 2010

nice use of lighting to add more definition to the muscles, nah serious bro looking good.. wish i was that big.. i'd crack some heads.

kitty Feb 02, 2010

oh jake

Money Feb 02, 2010


infrared Feb 01, 2010


Welfare Jan 31, 2010

yo id still beat ur ass though $

Money Jan 31, 2010

with those muscles how can u be afraid of a little weed?

FemalePersuasion Jan 31, 2010

Those beastly arms are his secret to success on subspace. For some reason, picturing you sitting shirtless playing in TWL, kissing your biceps every time you kill someone comes to mind, and I am kind of giggling. Hahaha. ./roids

ZypheN Jan 31, 2010

You and Royce should go at it

GoldDustWoman Jan 31, 2010


Audrey Jan 31, 2010

Nice arms/shoulders... should work on that lower back.. seems kinda weak! HAHAHA =P

Zazu Jan 15, 2010

Ever going to post a picture?