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Age 26
Location Sweden
Gender Male


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Amnesti Jun 09, 2018

He is my brother irl. but I wouldnt expect you to blieve that since you are in some kind of psyhocis in some psych. Brainwashed by ur parents like I was?

pee pee sock May 31, 2018

U look like tiger the crab. U double clienting fin fuk

Amnesti May 22, 2018

Stop having ocd with ppl's looks. I have tricks to get over it, you guys obviously don't

pee pee sock May 13, 2018

u look like a dick with braids

THecRiPT Apr 14, 2018

hahaahah u look exactly like tiger the crab HHAHAHAHAHH

Tiger the crab Nov 05, 2017

tigers bästa vän

pee pee sock Sep 30, 2017

looooooooool no one has written on ur wall lalakajhajhahahahhahha