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Wazzaaa.NL Oct 22, 2014

ur gf is hot

pee pee sock Jul 30, 2014

lookin good. as usual

THecRiPT Jan 16, 2012

eN.yoU.Tee> if you say hello to a woman at work enough, and never say anything else to her, she will develop a huge crush on you

Bat Jan 04, 2012

hey monkaria

pee pee sock Dec 27, 2011


pee pee sock Nov 23, 2011


pee pee sock Nov 23, 2011

fuk man

pee pee sock Nov 23, 2011

hello? r u even fukin readin this? r u black? u dont no this?

pee pee sock Nov 23, 2011

u will never be a soupero

pee pee sock Nov 23, 2011

u r my #2 fav person. soupero is #1

Monkaria Nov 19, 2011

Pew pew pew

LiL*PiGGy Nov 18, 2011

awee i know, i was crying so much lol.. i loveee rypien :<

Bat Nov 18, 2011


Myollnir Aug 21, 2011

only thing cooler then red hair is blonde hair

Bat Aug 10, 2011


ZypheN Aug 10, 2011

Don't think you put enough pictures up.

Cee Lo Aug 10, 2011

I can't believe this is the guy that trash talks me.

Bat Aug 09, 2011


Classic Aug 09, 2011

nice pics, ur using Bat as main for now?

pee pee sock Aug 09, 2011

u r hot as fuck.