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SSCU Trench Wars is back online!
Apr 18, 2014 by M_M God

SSCU Trench Wars is back online.

Recap: On Sunday, March 30, during TWL finals, a lot of our players and bot started lagging. Shortly after this happened, our bot and web server was targeted and taken down by DDos attacks (over 6gb/s). We managed to break down the attack, and on April 1st, our bot and web server was back online. A day later they resumed DDos attacks on our bot and web server, so our hosting company took them down completely to prevent further damage. On April 3rd, both TW and EG's game server were massively DDos attacked as well (over 10gb/s) and were taken down by the hosting provider to prevent further damage. Shortly after, DSB was next on the target list, then HZ and the rest of the SSC zones were attacked as well. Whenever a new zone appeared or a zone came back online, attacks continued and these zones would overload again and die. Even our TW Development server was attacked, so it looks like it was a planned and thought out attack by someone with specific Subspace knowledge. We are currently in full investigation and cooperation with the authorities to find out who did this and bring him/them to justice.

While this certainly has shaken up our community and everyone who's still attached to the game in some way, we are confident that we will come out stronger in the end. An unfortunate event such as this brings people closer together and reminds us of the love and memories that we share for this game and this zone. It is essential that we continue to work together on the core aspects of this zone, that we remain active in Trench Wars and that we can find ways so we can all still enjoy playing this zone we all have grown to love for years to come. One thing this attack has taught us, is we are not alone. As such, we would like to thank our zone’s DEV and all other zones staff for their support during all of this and we would like to give special thanks to JoWie, tm_master, Cheese, SSC Staff and anyone else who helped us bring a temporary ASSS based zone online as quickly as we did. When all zones come together as they did, it makes us stronger as a gaming community and that much harder for someone intending to do harm to a specific zone to do as much damage and for that we are forever grateful. We would also like to thank everyone of you for their patience during all of this, helping and supporting us as staff throughout all of this and I hope to see you all back in Trench Wars shortly!

SSCU Trench Wars Head Sysops
-M_M God

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New Head TWDop
Feb 16, 2014 by up in ya !!

At this time Conspiracy has decided to step down from Head TWDop. With his approval TW Staff has chosen me to fill this position. Our main focus is to get pilots in squads and competing, while keeping a trained eye out for those few players who want to cause complications. As we progress, new game twists and adjustments will be added in order to create an overall fun experience in Trench Wars. PM, ?message or post a thread at Toss Up an Idea.

Dec 08, 2013 by dsb

Greetings! We've been discussing how best to proceed with TWD. Effective next Friday (the 13th), there will be a 25+5=30 player cap to each squad's roster. Please fix your squads ASAP. -Conspiracy

TWD Reset
Oct 01, 2013 by Reckful

TWD has been reset to begin qualifications for TWL good luck to all squads this season.

Please note the player database for !register has been reset aswell so you will need to !register to twdbot again to play.